School Safety Practitioner Mini-Course by Professor Ike

School Safety Practitioner Mini-Course

Get started on your School Safety Career Journey . For those interested in learning what school safety is essentially about, and how they can get involved as a practitioner working with schools šŸ˜

About the course

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Mini as the word implies, is a short course of no more than 1 hour. We have a total of 6 videos with each video is 10 minutes or less long. It has been intentionally kept that way as we all know, many people do not complete online courses even the ones they pay for. šŸ˜

You can certainly spare 10-20 minutes of your day for only 5 days to watch the videos and complete any small tasks assigned.

Day 1: School safety - what it is really about, the misconceptions and the essentials. Many people including safety professionals get this wrong. They apply principles designed of construction sites to schools. Yes schools are now high risk but we want to make safety fun and doable.

Day 2: Why schools in developing countries do not do safety. The safety practitioner's role in changing this.

Day 3: Introducing safety programs to schools and the importance of helping schools plan for safety using my 4-step process.

Day 4: Education and Training doesn't start and end with teachers.

Day 5: The business case for safety in schools for schools and the safety practitioner. 

At the end of day 5, you will get an introduction to my premium and intense 12-24 weeks course - Become a Safe Schools Associate. The course is CPD certified. 

But for now, get ready for a sweet and easy 5 days šŸ˜

P.S. When you join, you will receive a WhatsApp link to join the support group!

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