The Total School Revolution 2019/20 by Professor Ike

The Total School Revolution 2019/20

About The Program

Do you aspire to be a "true" 21st century school? If you're honest with yourself, you will admit that you've been winging safety and praying against the day you get found out🙏

In all our years of visiting and working with schools, we've found that that many are not truly safety compliant or even on the way to being compliant. This is a disservice to your parents, staff and learners. 

About time, you focused on what really matters - safety. 

Safety will always come first to your staff and parents. It is not negotiable 

Are you ready to learn and start doing what it takes to become a Safe School? 

Join today and learn new and simple ways designed to make your school outstanding. 

💐 The Total School Revolution is a membership programme, which will give you access to training, templates and resources you need to help you get started and moving with your safety journey. 

Why so cheap? Because I really want to help your school become a safe place for those who visit, work and study there. I am eager to show you just how easy implementing safety can be, only if you try. 

In the membership, you will get

😍 Top safety practitioners (what many of you may refer to as experts) train and provide resources

👉Monthly 5-Day Action-packed challenges that will push you into action, so that you will begin to see your safety system grow and expand rapidly 

‭🧐Explainer Videos‬


‭🎤Live Question and Answer sessions‬ with our founder Professor Ike (hotseats as she will be taking questions and answering them on the spot) 

‭✍️Templates, check lists and resources ‬

‭👩‍💻Access to a membership area as and when you want‬

‭🥰Access to support via WhatsApp, Text and Email from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday‬

‭🤑Huge discounts off live training and consulting for your school and team‬


👉 You must have a smart phone or a functional laptop. All our sessions will be held online! 

😎 This isn't a done-for-you programme. You must be willing to do the work yourself. 

🙄 No school is perfect. Be ready to let your guard down and get the help you need for your unique situation 

🤑 You must keep up with your subscription to stay a member. 
Got question, please send us an email to